Warrnambool Woollen Mill

Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia

Welcome to the Warrnambool Woollen Mill website. Whether you are interested in the site as it continues to develop today, the history of the buildings, the environment around it or the people involved in its past, you will find it here. The community spirit is intact and some of its structures such as the old pump, the water tower, cellars and sandstone walls are also preserved.

A labour of love

A group of new community members (who have settled into homes on the old mill site) are passionate about the preservation of the stories contributed by the people who once worked there, as much as the preservation of the more physical surroundings. The history of the mill and its people can take its place in the broader history of Warrnambool. The introduction of signage in significant places around the mill is also planned.

This website contains links to information about workers and their stories, environmental changes around the site, research about war veterans who are remembered at the mill, photos, video, voice recordings and memorabilia that helps us understand how the mill operated. You will also find drone footage of how the mill has been developed and is still developing. It contains old and new photos, voice recorded interviews and old video footage.

This project has been a labour of love for all involved. We have attempted to reach as many of the people involved in the productive life of The Mill and thank those who have contributed so far. The strength and importance of community has been most apparent throughout our research. Our own knowledge has been expanded and our experience enriched as the community who take the site forward into the future.

The Warrnambool Woollen Mill at war

The Warrnambool Textiles War Memorial, on Harris Street, is an ornamental platform featuring an urn in the centre. The memorial was erected in honour of four residents who died overseas in the First World War and three who died whilst serving overseas in the Second World War.

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The Mill and its environs - past and present



Much of what the 1st European settlers saw when the town of Warrnambool first began in 1847, still remains today. In those times it was noted it was “thick bush…, sand hummocks and swamp”(Yule & Sayers P4) Today, remnants of bush still abound in coastal areas, sand-hummocks still line our beaches, protecting land from the sea, and swamps still lie within the South Warrnambool area at Salt Marsh and beyond, plus there’s what has become our beautiful Lake Pertobe, alive with birdlife and frogs.


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The Mill

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